Made with Italian (cheeky) heart

Two young Italian women and a Daiquiri, with added lime. Daiquiri Lime was created from a passion for lingerie, swimwear and a woman’s ability to dare without being ostentatious. This collection is built around careful attention to detail, the search for new lines and the creation of a single piece. The designers play with fabrics to create sensual, alluring and contemporary lines which appeal to women who don't take themselves too seriously. Like a very colourful cocktail, Daiquiri Lime is a mix of quirky design, playfulness, flirtatiousness and a daring to turn heads. Designed for those who are a little saucy, a bit ironic and very self-confident, who do their own thing and know how to live life to the full and be playful!

Allegra - same name, same passion.

Strong, secure and spicy like a Bloody Mary. Ethereal, reflective and calm on the outside; red, instinctive and magnetic on the inside, like the Queen the cocktail is named after. She loves everything that is challenging and novel. The decision to design lingerie and costumes stemmed from this, and pays homage to self-confident women, who really know how to enjoy themselves, are full of character and personality and who do not follow other people’s rules. 

The other very fresh, light and fun woman hides her ability to turn heads behind an innocent gaze. Transparent like a Moscow Mule, often bitter as only lime and the truth can be. She is the first model for the Daiquiri Lime creations, the first to give life to their unique wearability. She knows how to play, have fun and be a little spicy. The essence of the Brand expresses this, with its self-defined "a terrorist of the romantic heart".