Fair Woody Bodysuit| Liike Magazine



 Tim Twist Bodysuit| Cake Magazine,September Issue 2016                                           Fair Woody Bodysuit| Nasty Magazine                                                     

         Bad Quentin ph by Emanuele Ferrari


  Light Grace Swimsuit| Cake magazine,September Issue 2016                                 Fair Woody Bodysuit| Cake Magazine,September Issue 2016     cake magazine

        Jean Luc Bralette| The Cube Magazine


Fair Woody Bodysuit x Nike Cortez| L'Officiel Italia

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Jean Luc Bralette| Mitchumm Industries

Jean Luc Bralette| Marieclaire,October Issue 2016


Tim Twist bodysuit| OOB Magazine

Light Grace Swimsuit| Itama 62 Yacht Worlwide Campaign

Itama campaign

"Baby, I'm a lonely star"

"Let's Play with Lola Ponce and Daiquiri Lime!"

"Shooting time with MILA"

"Give me 5. Shooting with MILA"

"Dolls you need some rock and roll" Sweet Sofia and Bad Quentin Panties

"Let them eat cake"

"I'll stare at you until you stop staring at me."

"The 80% of success is showing up"

"You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person,... And now I'm gonna kill you "

BLOW UP ORANGE: Never stop playing with Blow Up.

BLOW UP BLACK: A-cross my hair, A-cross my heart.

DOUBLE: Must have it and Blow Up in my dreams

HOT WINK: Blu Grace with my Hot Wink

MY CHEEKY HEART: My Pink Heart is full of LoVe

MY CHEEKY HEART: Hopping game in black

HOT WINK: !! Exclamation point on my back